Relentless Collision Repair


Tesla Approved Collision Center

Certified Tesla Collision at every Relentless

Tesla Approved Collision at Relentless Collision Raleigh location at 2620 Westinghouse Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27604. 

The largest most modern Tesla Auto Body Shops in Apex, Cary, Durham and Raleigh, NC.  We service Triangle North Carolina Tesla customers from Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Morrisville and Fayetteville. 3 locations and more coming in 2023.

Tesla Certified Relentless Collision Cary at 1640 Piney Plains Road, Cary NC 27518. 

Our newest location in Durham is also Tesla Approved Collision Durham 442 Martin Luther King JR PWY, Durham, NC 27713. 

Our Tesla Auto Body Shops in the Triangle


Ideal quality electric vehicle EV body repair and paint for your Tesla every time. Tesla Certified Collision from Relentless Collision.  We maintain an outstanding training proprietary database to ensure we can access and follow proper repair procedures. We handle small damage and large structural aluminum repairs. Guaranteed OEM repair procedures followed including electrical and ADAS safety repairs. Cary, Durham and Raleigh Relentless locations are each officially Tesla Approved Collision. We are the largest NC Triangle Collision company for every Electric Vehicle.

Collision Repair Tooling and Safety

Improper repairs can be dangerous to you and others. We correct the structure, appearance and sophisticated electronic safety systems. Extensive Tesla required diagnostic tools and equipment on site mean we have the unique tools required for proper, safe body and Tesla paint work. Electric Vehicles require special safety procedures to protect employees and you – few body shops are EV trained today.

Tesla Original OEM Body Shop Parts

Use Tesla Original OEM Parts and order them directly from Tesla for best results. As an approved Tesla auto body shop we know how to do special installation and safety training.  Properly Trained with tested techniques. Keep your Tesla Original and complete at Relentless Collision.

White Tesla Collision and Paint repair

ADAS Safety Calibration for Tesla

 Tesla has sophisticated driving, auto piloting electronic and safety systems with collision avoidance. Your safety is our primary concern to return the function, form, fit, safety and appearance of your Tesla. Our complete electronic diagnostic and calibration room to calibrate your special cameras and sensors.  Even minor repairs may necessitate electronic calibration and confirmation. We use the Tesla Toolbox for all body and paint repairs.

Raleigh, Cary and Durham, NC Tesla Approved

Relentless Collision Raleigh one block from Capital Blvd located at 2620 Westinghouse Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604 is our Raleigh Tesla Certified Collision Center since November 2020.

Our Tesla Approved Cary location at 1640 Piney Plains Rd, Cary, NC 27518 achieved Tesla Auto Body Approval right after opening in 2021. Certified EV collision repairs. 

We now add Relentless Collision Durham on 442 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd to our Tesla body repair options for 2023. All locations are Tesla Approved Collision for all paint and body services.


Any insurance accepted and direct billed at no additional cost to you. There are very few Tesla Approved Body Shops - demand the best for your car. It does not matter if we are on the insurance list today, it's your choice for the best.

Tesla Charging on Site

We have multiple Tesla chargers on site and we will return your vehicle with a full charge. We have maintenance Tesla power supply cords and are having exterior wall chargers installed behind our shop

Lifetime Warranty

You can trust our work for as long as you own your EV.

Relentless Collision Tesla Approved